“Why did I choose to be an artist? Well, it was sort of a given, not a choice. My every day was filled with creativity, every part of my being craved beauty.

I was raised in an atmosphere of creativity: painted wall, huge paintings all over the house, brushes, and pencils thrown everywhere. Come to think about it I really couldn’t have chosen a different path.

My grandma was an artist too and she taught me a lot of different techniques and left me her rare instruments that you won’t find nowadays in shops.

I never stop learning and trying something new, experimenting with styles and themes. Right now I am a coloring designer and it makes me really happy and fulfilled.

Being an artist is not a job. I would call it a lifestyle. I am not waiting for weekends, don’t have a working schedule. I create something beautiful every day and feel very proud about it.

Confucius was right: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

Vicki’s works are featured in our best-selling books including Authentic Architecture, The World of Butterflies

Some of the designs by Vicki

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  • Omgoosh did you not just combine my two favorite hobbies!!! I love love love this page. When I knit I sometimes feel like I should be coloring and when I’m coloring I think I should be working on knitting – tada problem solved!

    • Dear Tina, we are so glad to hear that you liked this page! Yes, it does combine two popular hobbies and we thought it would be a really interesting idea! Thanks for appreciating that:)

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