I’ve been drawing ever since I was a child. At the age of 7 I started taking drawing classes and later on got a degree in Fine Arts. I chose a path of an artist long time ago and never regretted it even for a moment.

Right now I teach arts to little kids and create coloring pages for Favoreads. I love being a part of Favoreads because I can truly express myself and create designs from scratch using my imagination.

I find inspiration in traveling and really like drawing nature patterns. What I value most in being a coloring designer is that I can actually help other people and add more fun to their lives.

Tiffany’s works are featured in our best-selling books including Country Spring, Woman’s Adventure, The Land of Fantasia. She also illustrated covers for the above-mentioned books.

Some of the designs by Tiffany

4 thoughts on “Tiffany

  • I love your book’s I’ve done a couple of them and I wish I could buy more but with the lockdown I have no money 😢 I can’t even live my home do to asthma 😝

  • Thank you Tiffany for all your wonderful coloring pages! Can you do a cowboy dog? Loved the cowboy cat 🙂

    • Dear Sharon, thank you for your suggestion! It’s a great idea, we’ll surely work on it!

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