Beautiful Mandala

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Beautiful Mandala
Sandy Brown Colored by

I Loved this one. It just screamed "Give me every color you got" LOL
Love Favoreads pictures , from hard to easy you can always find what your looking for !

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This is done with Prismacolors pencils

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7 thoughts on “Beautiful Mandala

  • WOW!!! What a fantastic job you did on this! I thought it had been done digitally at first. It’s just breathtaking. Don’t you just love it when one of the pictures yells at you to color it? I know I do!

  • Stunning colours, Sandy! I would never have thought to put all those together. I coloured the middle of this one the other day, but I gave up on it as it was far too busy and made me goggle eyed! lol. I will be doing another one to share though 😀

    • Thanks Janice!! Don’t give up!!!! Many times I have started a picture and really didn’t like it and just started over. I actually started this one twice before I liked it !!! LOL

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