Indian Elephant

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Indian Elephant
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I knew the moment I saw this picture that I was going to color it. I had never done an elephant before so this was a new challenge. It's a great drawing of a beautiful animal. The town we live in was at one time the home to many circuses. Our local history photos are filled with pictures of elephants walking down the main street in town. This was back in the 1800s, so the streets were dirt. One of the more famous elephants died while here and was "buried" in the local lake. Our little park downtown has a statue of an elephant with a clown in front of it and also a statue of a giraffe. The drinking fountains in that park are lion heads. And thus, my connection with elephants.

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I used Prismacolor pencils for this picture.

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  • What a beautifully coloured picture, Carla, and a lovely story. I’ve also never coloured an elephant before, so I shall put that on my to do list 😀

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    Loved this picture when i first saw it!!