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Loved this design as my favorite flower is roses. I took and had the design copied onto watercolor paper which was a little more difficult than I anticipated, since the design wanted to smudge when you touched it...Guess the ink didn't dry well on the watercolor paper, so trying to figure out how to 'set' the ink so it wouldn't smudge, I thought I'd try my iron.......that seemed to work for me.....then it was on to watercoloring! I used three layers of pink on the roses and two to three on the leaves...I wanted some leaves to appear lighter.....background is a wash of light blue! I used a drop of acrylic paint of each color and added water until I got the desired shade that I wanted. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out......even though I had a hard time with having the design put on the watercolor paper.

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  • You should frame this, Glenda. It’s gorgeous! I’ve recently purchased some acrylics, but I haven’t braved trying to use them yet. I kind of don’t know where to start, so I’ve been putting it off. You’ve inspired me to give it a go. What could possibly go wrong! haha

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    Enjoyed doing this, thanks very much
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    I enjoyed coloring this one because it had a lot of shadows which I used ...
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    really loved coloring this page
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    Just wanted to share a pic from you I colored, I really enjoyed this one, ...