Dream House

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Dream House
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One of my favorite places to visit is NoLa (New Orleans). My husband and I have made some beautiful memories there and it inspires a lot of our cooking today. When I saw this, I immediately thought of the homes in NoLa's beautiful garden district. From elegant to colorful to eclectic, the homes there are nothing short of awesome in not only their beauty but their history as well. So this is my ode to NoLa garden district's breathtaking beauty.

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Arteza Everblend Art Markers

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4 thoughts on “Dream House

  • This is a very beautiful artwork, Gina! And thanks for sharing your memories and what inspired you. It’s so great to learn a bit more about the inspiration behind the colored design.

  • Gina, My husband and I had a very dear friend who lived in New Orleans and we made quite a few trips down there to visit with her. You’re right, this house would fit perfectly in the Garden District. Your artwork would fit perfectly there! Beautiful job!

  • Thank you so much! I absolutely love NoLa! The garden district being my fave place… the people, the history, etc. Everything about it is just stunning. ❤️😊

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    Love these types of homes. Lots of room for creativity.
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    This is a terrific image to color. You will enjoy designing your Victorian home ...
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    I would love to walk through a grand house like this. As I colored ...
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    This beautiful house reminded me of the "Painted Lady" houses in San Francisco.
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    I loved coloring this Victorian house. These houses were built as a work of ...
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