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Donna Sugra

Donna Sugra

Member since: Aug 19, 2018

I really enjoy Favoreads images. The artists are very talented. I have been coloring digitally for almost two years. I color for several artists to share and promote their books and also to bring joy to others through my coloring. I am retired so I have lots of time to devote to my coloring.

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This is a delightful fall design. I enjoyed choosing the colors for this delightful ...
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Here is a lovely teapot full a flavorful, fragrant tea. It's fragrance will cause ...
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This wise old owl is ready b for the cool weather with his blanket b ...
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This is such a cute picture. I love the barn scene. This was so ...
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Lots of fun to color. He is a cute little guy!
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This is a fabulous design and a delight to color.
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This cute kitty looks so comfortable in his garden bed with the pretty flowers. This ...
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This art is adorable! This was so much fun to color. I had ...
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This is a terrific image to color. You will enjoy designing your Victorian home ...
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This is a delightful picture to color for both young and old like me!. I ...

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