Sweet Dreams

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Sweet Dreams
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I chose a pink and gray color scheme for this bedroom as it goes well with the Sweet Dream theme. It’s elegant and feminine.

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5 thoughts on “Sweet Dreams

  • I love your pastel colours, Theresa. I often have a plan in my head to colour things more delicatley, then half way through I change my mind and go full on colour! haha. I really must do it and try to stick with it, because I love pretty and feminine looks 😍

  • Thank you Janice! Haha, I understand what you mean 😊. Always admired people who can do pastels, in dress and in drawings. Didn’t think originally that limiting myself to two colors could work. 😅

  • Thank you so much Carla! I thought to do a tranquil bedroom so limited myself to just two colors. Happy that it worked.

    I’ve enjoyed coming to this website regularly to see what you and other members have done. You’ve contributed so many beautiful drawings!

    • I too am enjoying the new website that they have set up. it gives us all a better chance to get to know each other better. Thank you for the compliment. Coloring is very therapeutic for me – it helps to calm my nerves and settle my soul.

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    Fun challenging photos week after week. They make Monday’s something to look forward to,?