The World of Butterflies: Original Butterfly and Flower Illustrations to Relax and Color Your Stress Away


The World of Butterflies (2)

Back Cover Butterflies


This coloring book is comprised of gorgeous hand-drawn illustrations featuring butterflies and intricate flower patterns. It’s perfect for those who want to release stress and relax. Original nature designs will bring joy and inspiration to your life. Whether you are new at this or have been coloring for a while, you’ll surely find the right page to your liking inside.




[su_quote]The butterfly and flower designs in this coloring book are amazing very beautiful line drawings. No two designs are alike because they are original, as the title claims. The designs are a pleasing mix of mandalas, both organic and abstract, stylish zen doodles, and freehand realistic renderings. The mixture of designs certainly will enrich your coloring experience. Most designs are full-page and can be colored in one sitting. My instant favorites are page 10, a flurry of butterflies fluttering around an old-fashion birdcage, and page 11, which is the most precious scene of a cat watching butterflies. The butterflies forming the heart design on page 16 is stunning. It is a slightly tight design, but a challenge any experience colorist would dive into just for the beauty of it.[/su_quote]

[su_quote]This is a beautiful book for all those butterfly lovers! The drawings are varied from one butterfly to a page of butterflies and something for all skill levels. This book would be a wonderful addition to any colorist’s library ….so make sure you get it today![/su_quote]

[su_quote]I am not much into butterflies, but this book changed my outlook. This book is gorgeous with full pages of butterflies and the design very intricate. I did not expect to be such an intricate design for butterflies. I would recommend this book.[/su_quote]


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