Country Spring: Inspiring Coloring Book with Hand-Drawn Illustrations Featuring The Beauty of Spring in the Country



In this coloring book, you will find a collection of 40 gorgeous hand-drawn illustrations featuring all the perks and beauty of living in the country. You’ll discover amazing nature, country animals, spring designs and so much more. You can embark upon you exciting coloring adventure right now with this amazing book. Take a look at the sample images to help you decide if this book is your cup of tea.

We hope you’ll enjoy coloring our original pages designed to boost your imagination and release stress.

Image colored by Jane Newberry Swire‎ 


[su_quote]I am new to the adult coloring, first I tried the quote books which had a few of the Medallia pages in them. Hate the Medallia but quotes were okay for helping my low mood. I grew bored with them. So, I started looking for a book with scenes which I found very difficult to find. I will not, well up until now buy a book that someone hasn’t posted pics of. I absolutely love this book, yes some pics could have been drawn better but I am making it work. I am coloring my first pic now. All drawings are on left side, decent paper, one-sided. I usually use Sharpie markers but have found on my first a mixture of gel pens, pencils and the markers a work best. (markers bleed through). I am in high hopes I can find another book such as this. If any of you have suggestions please add to this review. Thank you and happy coloring![/su_quote]

[su_quote]Another great coloring book from Artyshock Publishing. The book is composed of actual pictures, not just miscellaneous objects hanging in space. The complexity of pictures is satisfactory for older kids to aged adults who want to color for relaxation not just to see how small an area they can see and fill in. Artists also do not preempt the coloring experience by filling in areas with black ink or use heavy black lines. A coloring book well worth the money.[/su_quote]

[su_quote]This is a truly excellent collection of rural themed designs. Each is appealing and realistic and offers challenges to colourists of all ages and stages.It is refreshing to see a colouring set that is REAL( ie no silly cartoons, mandalas). There is a market out there for people who appreciate accurate images that are pleasant and appealing. Come on Arty Shock, bring out more like this![/su_quote]


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