Steampunk Cat

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Steampunk Cat
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This one, for me was all about textures. I wanted the hat to look like felt or velvet. The leather to look like leather and the metal to look like metal. And the vest to look like denim. (Now that it's done and ready to send it, I'm second guessing myself and wondering if I should have made that denim look a little more worn out.) The cat itself is a little "fringy" around the edges, because cats are a little fringy around the Had the cat not had any markings on it, I would have made it a tuxedo cat, but I made it a Torbie instead. It was the hat that grabbed my attention when I was picking which picture to color. I didn't want just a plain white background so I sat there and thought about it for quite a while and then an idea popped into my head - colored chalk blended lightly with a blending stump.

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I hadn't colored a gray scale page before and I wasn't sure what to think ...
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