Fantasia – Dragon and Princess

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Fantasia – Dragon and Princess
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Wow! I wasn't sure I was ready to tackle this one, but it kept calling to me. I'm not a fantasy world type person, at least not with dragons and such, but I just had to try to do this one. I have no idea how much time it took me, but I do know that for four days, for a few hours a day, I was coloring my heart out on this. I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. Thanks for providing the challenge of working on it!

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One thought on “Fantasia – Dragon and Princess

  • It’s a great picture, Carla. I am looking forward to doing this one. I had been looking for ages for a good looking dragon. It’s gonna be a first for me to!

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    When I first saw this design, I felt it was little bit out of my ...
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    Another picture completed. This one colored up real fast. I thought it would take me ...
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    First time ever coloring a dragon.