Holidays – Sugar Skull

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Holidays – Sugar Skull
Elena Enriquez Colored by

It seem to be that sugar skulls appear in place of skulls that were use in the Tzompantlis in pre-Hispanic times in order to honour the gods. They remember that death is always present, that is an inevitable step from earthly to the mystical. In November is possible to see them decorated with different colours . Some of the has the deceased's name , other are given as a gift among alive people, remembering them their inevitable destiny.
It seems to be that Arabians took the tradition to Spain and from there, it travelled to Mexico, and Spanish and Mexican traditions mixed in the tradition of honoured the dead. The sugar skulls are made of sugar, egg white, lemons and Cahutle (sizing obtained from orchids).

Used materials and techniques

Markers on Opalina paper.

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