Artist Spotlight: Kimberly Gibson Worrel on Creating Memories through Coloring


Dear colorists, today’s Artist Spotlight features our dearest fan Kimberly Gibson Worrel! She is very talented and she loves coloring because it helps her deal with her disease and release stress. Sometimes Kimberly colors with her family and enjoys creating memories together!

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1. When and why did you start coloring?

I actually began using colored pencils in college, designing my own pictures. Then lately about 3 years ago I stumbled into adult coloring books.

  2. How does coloring help you now?

I was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid at age 14. I have found that coloring really helps keep my fingers & hands from getting too stiff and the disease from progressing. I have to admit, it really does keep me from getting too depressed dealing with my disease, and it’s helping to relieve stress as well.

3. What are your favorite designs to color?

I really LOVE сats! So I tend to lean towards them, also I love birdhouses and lots of flowers. Well, I have always loved cats, they have such wonderful personalities. I collect birdhouses, and I LOVE gardening & flowers.

4. What inspires you and how do you select colors for your next artwork?

I find inspiration from the pictures that have subject matters that seem to call to my artistic side. Before I choose the colors, I try to envision the picture completed by thinking of the color wheel starting at the reds, then thinking of it done in blues, etc. Then I lay out those colors starting from the primary, through the secondary & tertiary colors. When I have my palette of colors, I begin.

 5. What is your perfect coloring atmosphere?

I usually color on my own, but there are times my husband or one of my daughters join in too. Having a large family, I’m used to drawing, painting or coloring with people around me, so I don’t need solitude to create. Besides, having others to color with me makes for creating memories too! There is a time in my day when I get to have 2-3 hours of pure quiet. That is my perfect time to color. I turn on my music and just relax with my art.

6. Why do you think people should try coloring? What will it add to their lives?

I feel that anyone can color and express their creativity. There is an artist in each one of us. Coloring is a wonderful way to show the inner self. To enjoy ourselves. As grown-ups, we tend to have so much responsibility, stress, anxiety that we have a hard time relaxing. Coloring is not stressful, it’s the opportunity to defrag from life, and be creative to play!

7. What would be your advice to beginner colorists?

Look at your picture, study the subject to envision what colors would make it perfect. Select each color in light, medium & dark.  On a scrap paper try out those colors to see if your choices work well and enjoy!

8. How did you learn about Favoreads coloring club?

I saw one of your posts on Facebook, I was intrigued. I was really impressed with the diverse artwork, and subject matter.

9. Why do you like coloring pages from Favoreads?

Your coloring pages are more realistic than most. I’m not really into the “Cartoon” type pictures. Although, the cartoon can be fun too! I like the weekly voting for pages. I like how you can download photos you like at any time. LOVE the artwork!


Fantastic Art by Kimberly Gibson Worrel!

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